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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  December 22, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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>> bid tifton's voting on a referendum. >> boat team comes to an end. reports of resignations from two profile figures. the water cannon and tear gas to quell tear gas and a student in india. benedick the 16th christmas present to the butler he was jailed -- who was jailed. groups and molly plan to end fighting. -- in mali plus to stop
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fighting. the music video that there's no get away from. gangum style makes history. the dishes at two hours left to vote. after weeks of protest, two people have resigned. they said the central bank governor --mahmoud mekki said he was resigning. he realize politics does not suit him. this was persuaded to stay on until the referendum. it will get rid of the vice president. let's go to mike. what is the significance of this? >> if it proves correct it will
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be very significant indeed. this man has been the governor of egypt central bank for nine years now. only in the first year of his 04 year term. to this could have a major impact on the financial affairs. at the moment there is uncertainty about whether or not he has resigned. the prime minister's office has said he has not. we will have to clarify that in the hours to come. barry said against. egypt is facing economic uncertainty. the have come under immense pressure. there has been the issue that has been on the table for a number of months. this has been put on hold for a
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time. the governor of the central bank has been central. discussions have been put on hold because of what the imf has described as the political uncertainty surrounding the event in egypt. the referendum on a draft constitution. polls have been extended for a couple of hours. this is the second and final round of the voting. the result is not likely to satisfy anybody. >> once again the polls were kept open for four more hours into the night. have long turnout showed tha lines. they continue their boycott of the referendum. it defined the nature of the new.
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earlier in the day he told me it was quite important for her. >> we are in a full state of deterioration that needs no elaboration. prices are likely to increase. everyone has become so dogmatic. many people do not want to have an open mind. >> this was not the constitutional movement egyptians have been looking forward to. they are backed by islamic groups. this is defining the nation. would turn out as low as 30%, it became clear the public has grown increasingly disillusioned by both sides. all a long it was clear that this draft constitution was not going to be a consensus document. with the bickering so intense, this turns into the debt sale
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of -- death nail. 56% yes vite,. groups are expected to better given back more of the voters will be casting their ballot this time. while many say the document will pass, question seems to be with me what margin? >> if the constitution passes it must be something like 8 2/3 majority. this will rule all of us up for god knows how long. >> some argue that the opposition has already run by managing to lay down ford in the legitimacy of this process. they can count on is going into alexian's. many say they stand to gain nothing.
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>> she mentioned the election. that is the big focus. >> indeed. if the referendum does result in a yes vote the next stage is another election within 60 days. the president will have to call new parliamentary elections. once again the focus in that campaign will still be a debate about the constitution. the constitution that would appear that nearly as many as half of those and have voted had rejected it. the decree by which this draft constitution is passed will have an immense impact on the political debate that we are likely to see in coming weeks. >> thank you very much.
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syrian activists say the army is shelving several districts in the capital. the syrian observatory group and dozens more were wounded in the attack. heavy fighting has also been reported next to the palestinian refugee camp. it was on siege four days earlier this week. they are willing to impose a no- fly zone in elbow -- aleppo. they will sit down commercial planes. they say they will not be responsible for the deaths of any passengers. a suicide bomber has attacked a political rally in northwest pakistan killing eight people including a minister. it also wanted more than 20 people. bashar was taken to the hospital after the attack and died of his wounds. the talent and has reclaimed we
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did have claimed responsibility. they will continue to target these groups. >> a suicide farmebomber attack. the attacker is said to have targeted the minister as he came out of a meeting. he was rushed to the hospital. he was convinced -- the efforts to save his life did not work. he did not make it. after the attack there was widespread condemnation. he had earned a reputation for being there whenever there was a suicide attack. he also what is strong action against a pakistani taliban. it did not come as a surprise when the taliban took responsibility for the
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assassination. >> indian police have used water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters in new delhi. they are angry at a region of a brutal gang rape -- they are angry at the brutal gang rape. >> the morning started with teargas. they are still around in different areas around government compounds, demanding justice. >> we are not safe. even if we go on the matter we are not say. >> a 23 year-old medical student was attacked and a great on a bus last week. she is in a hospital. they have arrested all six men accused of raping her. as the protests continue, if the government has been under pressure to do more. they breached the prime minister on saturday.
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five fast track courts have been announced to address the tens of thousands tensrape cases that are still 0 -- tens of thousands of rape cases that are still standing. >> they are protesting the policies. it will not change. some are advocating for capital punishment. >> much of the inner happen toward the police to have been accused of being ineffective. they are ready to continue until concrete action is taken to ensure the safety of women. al jazeera, a new delhi. >> in southern india, a decision to release to italian marines accused of murdering two fishermen so that could allow for christmas has sparked outrage. they were part of a military security team protecting a cargo ship off the coast.
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they say the best of them for pirates. a mass return to india to face trial by january 10. -- they must return to india to face trilobite generated. >> italy's president is here after monti stepped down. the election will take base at the end of february. they have criticized a cog -- they have criticized its. >> we have stressed that as we're going toward a government that has not been elected, this government will have to keep them independent and separate as possible. >> italy deserves a new stage on the basis of the tough sacrifices and they have made over the past year in order to come out from the abyss of berlusconi's government. the government should be inspired by very simple rule,
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who has more has to give more. who has less has to give less. >> pope benedict has made a surprise visit to the jail holding his a former butler for stealing and linking his private documents. it is allowed to return to his family. >> it is the season of good will and the christian world. nowhere -- nowhere more so than the vatican. there is one of the biggest pre digit -- security breaches in living memory. he stole an elite vast numbers of private documents. pope but it made a visit to the jail where he was being held. he gave him a pre-christmas pardon. he was convicted of aggravated that in october and sentenced to 18 months in prison. it was a case that rocked the foundation of the catholic church establishment, revealing greaseless power struggles and
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making claims of sexual misconduct with high-level corruption. now he is free to spend christmas with to his family. >> this is a gesture toward a person with whom the pope shared a relationship of daily familiarity with many years -- for many years. >> he was the pope's right hand man, serving him loyally. then the ultimate betrayal. he told investigators he wanted to expose evil and corruption at the vatican. none of these for and the papacy itself but many believe he was not acting alone and there could be more revelations. >> all of the investigations being done behind closed doors. journalists have never been told of the contents of the reports of the commission of cardinals to did a much more in-depth investigation. until we see that documentation, i do not think anyone will be
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convinced that this is the end of the story. >> the people pardon was expected before christmas. now it depends on a new year free of further stempel. it may be duly and optimistic rigidly optimistic. >> >> columbine, virginia tech. >> celebrations in spain and commiseration. what it is like to be the only lottery loser in the village. >> welcome to the world's weather. across south america and you can see some very big showers going
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up to paraguay and into bolivia and also peru. we would like to see heavy rain during the course of sunday. the main concentration remained in northwestern part of brazil going toward ecuador. as you come southward of argentina, it is one are to showers likely. we might see some rain pushing up from the southwest during the latter part of the day. highs in santiago a route 29 degrees. in the caribbean is looking like a fine picture. we should see some showers coming into the northern coast. elsewhere in we've got scattered showers. further north is looking fine was sunny weather and highs of 23 degrees. in north america, at temperatures around 32 degrees. we have to weather systems moving in.
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this should make some really
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we go to our top stories. egyptians have less than two hours for the second and final round on a referendum on the constitution. the president'smahmoud mekki announced he was resigning. a senior minister and seven others have been killed in a suicide bomber attack in pakistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility. in india's capital, there is water cannons and tear gas at demonstrators protesting a gets a gang rape of a student. suicide bombers in nigeria have attacked the offices of two
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mobile phone companies. it happened in the northwest city. the happiest day targeted phone operators read a they have often targeted the -- often target on operators. they say they will end violence in the areas they control. this comes days after the african plan to reclaim the north. >> they thought to gain control of cities in northern mali earlier. did they have been enforcing a strong law. they agreed to send troops to help them gain control of the region. they say they will stop fighting and hold peace talks. one of the groups in the area say they will. there are all forms of
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hostility. there are doing everything necessary. it will allow an african force to use all necessary measures. >> we welcome the adoption of the resolution that affects the resolution suit -- against crime. >> there are strong guidelines to security council's ruling. the military force may only be used once efforts have been exhausted. in the meantime international forces including those from european companies will help train the army. >> if our army is well-trained it will help us not only for this but to secure our country afterward. this is a really big step after work. it might be too early to celebrate more than 400,000
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people have already been displaced with the fighting. the u.n. says it is likely to have any troops on the ground until september. malians are worried what might happen to them under the control of the rebels before help arrives. >> the last funeral for some of the victims of the standing of shootings and have been held on saturday. ana marquez-green and emilie parker. those were let in honor of the children. the entertainment industry reacted to the shootings pulling in number of violent television episodes. now number of hollywood big stars come together to demand a plan of action on gun control. >> can i help you?
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>> paramount pictures canceled premiere in screenings of a new tom cruise movie that opens with scenes of a sniper firing into a crowd. the company reacted similarly, canceling the screen of the new quentin tarantino film. a blood soaked revenge fantasy set in the pre-civil war south. television needs episodes of two popular animated shows, family guy and american dad, both of which showed them play. -- gun play. radio station stop playing a hit single by the senior keisha titled "die young."
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>> we gathered as a nation to pray for the victims. >> president obama says to prevent future atrocities they must do some soul-searching about how to entertain it. >> and all too often glorifies guns. >> i am the founder of the eastern congo initiative. >> he is acting as a spokesperson for a variety of causes. these stars have spoken out about gun control until now. on friday 65 entertainers including some of the biggest names in u.s. show business posted an online video with a simple message. >>, umar colleges, classrooms? >>, more houses of faith?
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how many more streetcorners? >> it does not call for policy changes. it was produced on behalf of an organization lobbying for strict background checks. they are making gun trafficking. >> chinese military officials are disbanding extravaganza parties like this one appeared military receptions on a longer show expensive wines and dishes. officials have been carrying out last minute test ahead of the opening of the world's longest high-speed rail. passengers will be able to travel in less than 10 hours. china has big ambitions for the
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high-speed rail line. it will extend them into russia and southeast asia. the winning numbers have been drawn. this translates as "the fatone." ticket sales were down. initial reports showed 27,000. among the luckiest faces, and this town. more than 1000 tickets one the maximum price. it is common for residents of a village to share in a big win. what happens if you are the only one in your town he misses out on the big one? r series on lottery winners and losers. >> the village is striking it
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rich. 2011, all 250 one between $130,000 and $3 million. everyone except the only one unlucky enough not to buy a ticket for the big christmas draw. today he works on his farm house finishing the documentary he has been making about the they win. >> these are the lottery winners in spain. this is sheer joy. this is the biggest lottery in the world. >> it made the village and everyone in it a global news story. >> it was funny because everybody would start saying it. and you zero, and they were frozen. >> this is a sleepy place. it is a model village in the 1960's. not much has changed since the
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big win. >> before they collectively hit the jackpot, many were struggling to make ends meet. mortgages and loans to pay and they were struggling. not anymore. how much did you win? her most extravagant treat. that is your one laundry? -- luxury? >> no. it is a silly thing i bought after the lottery. you do realize it really happens. it is like it does happen. it can happen again. >> the ticket is now considered lucky. thousands buying tickets this
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year including everyone from sedato, gambling on a second big win. this year everyone including constance. >> the prime minister has opened the option of assets belonging to the leaders. the government is helping to raise millions of dollars for the sale of 39 luxury cars. even a pair of gold spinks -- sphinxes. he was given a life sentence for inciting violence and murder and 25 years for embezzling state funds. a music video which has people around the world to doing this stands as the youtube history. the hits has become the first video to reach 1 billion views. it is a prime example of the relationship between the two pending business is -- and the music business.
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-- youtube and the music business. >> chances are you have heard of it. psy has made history with over 1 billion views on line. it shot to fame in record time. the top spot was previously held by justin bieber. psy sorted to the top spots.
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